Early Morning Fog – Part 2

Here’s another taken on the same December morning as the photo in the previous post. The sun had just begun to rise and the fog was beginning to burn off. There are always a lot of birds at this little lake. I knew if I was patient some of them would fly into the shot.


8 comments on “Early Morning Fog – Part 2”

  1. Beautiful image. The fog makes it have a feeling of mystery.

  2. So serene and beautiful.

  3. I love this. Lovely mood!

  4. Beautiful shot!

    I liked what you said about knowing that if you waited long enough, something would fly into the frame. I am finding out that the more in-tune I am with a particular location, the more I capture.

    There is something about visiting a pond, or a small lake early in the morning that increases your knowledge about what happens there.

    I like to think of it as being around for the shift change of the creatures that live there, and you captured that in your photo.


    • I agree. As much as I love discovering new places, it’s always seems better to know the pace and rhythm of life when shooting.

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