From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

I went down to Leo Carrillo Ranch Park in Carlsbad a couple of weeks ago with a group of friends from the DPX (Digital Photo Exchange). The park is what remains of a huge spread that the actor Leo Carrillo, aka Pancho on the old TV series Cisco Kid, owned in Carlsbad.

A lot of the original ranch buildings remain, but the most spectacular sights are the resident peacocks. There are quite a few in the flock including an albino, which is simply stunning. Unfortunately he had tangled with another male and hurt his foot so he was hiding in the brush for most of the day and I never got a good shot of him. The rest of the peacocks were another story — they were very cooperative subjects, preening and proudly strutting their stuff.

I was really captivated by these magnificent, yet silly creatures. Up close and personal, we began to develop a relationship and one fellow put on a tremendous show for my camera. Pictured up top is the sublime.

 But my gorgeous, increasingly peeved friend wasn’t done. There was another side he wanted me to see. I only wish I had captured it with video — there was a lot of shaking and rattling going on. Here is the ridiculous:


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