In the Show!

By: Barbara

Nov 10 2010

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Category: Travel Photography


Focal Length:95mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Once again my work has been juried into the Irvine Fine Arts Center All Media Show. I can’t begin to say how excited I was to receive the notification last week!

I submitted several photographs and was thrilled to have the juror, Karen Moss (Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Programs, Orange County Museum of Art), select my shot “Drummers” to be part of this highly competitive show.


Finding time for my photography on family trips is always a little tricky, but I’ve figured out a way to carve some camera time for myself. I wake up with the sun and go exploring early in the morning. This usually buys me at least two hours and if everyone’s being lazy I can squeeze in an hour more.

On this particular morning I walked down to the National Mall and then swung by the White House on my way back to the hotel near GWU (where my daughter was graduating from medical school). One of the great things about walking around cities is discovering performances in all their strange and fascinating variations.

As I wandered the side streets, I heard the sound of drumming and followed it to Farragut Square, one of the city’s many small parks. And there I found an all-woman drum corps, the international Batala Percussion Band rehearsing their signature Afro-Brazilian / Samba-Reggae rhythms. So amazing!


5 comments on “In the Show!”

  1. Barbara- Congratulations, how exciting and good luck!!


  2. beautiful photos, Barbara…. I especially like those of Block Island…….

    one of my brothers-in-law (Rick Hickox, married to my youngest Sis Barbara…) has an annual outing to surf fish amongst rocks and waves for blue fish….. a bit cold for this layabout, but sounds wild….


    • Thanks, Chris. Surf fishing for blues is quite the experience. I remember a wild night on the West Side (Block Island) when I was little and the blues were running. There were a few jeeps parked on the beach about a mile south of the North Point. The fishermen had their headlights shining on the beach and there was a huge school of blues running just past the breaking surf. The fishermen were landing big blues as fast as they could unhook the last catch and cast out again. The guys were shouting and whooping with the sheer joy of it. It went on for an hour or so and has left an indelible visual memory. Wish I’d had a camera that night!

  3. Congratulations! I love that shot!

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