Block Island Calls

I’ve been working on a print of my Mansion Beach photo most of the afternoon and it has stirred up a powerful longing to return to Block Island. It’s been nearly a year since I was there last — way too long.

Dawn at Mansion Beach

I love California and don’t think I would ever move back East, but that doesn’t mean I can abandon it entirely. Especially Block Island. It’s in my blood and my bones. After I’ve been away for a while it calls me back with an irresistible force.

Gulls at State Beach

On days like today I would drop everything and get on the first plane to Providence if I could. I’d wake early the next morning and take a taxi to the ferry in Pt. Judith. As I stepped onto the dock I’d fill my lungs with the salt air, gulls would wheel overhead, and the sharp smell of this old fishing port would bring back forty years of memories.

Sachem Pond

Sachem Pond

But I can’t. I have much to do here on the left coast and will have to wait for a few more weeks before I ride the boat to my heart’s home. Will I survive?

Wisteria and Roses on the workshop


2 comments on “Block Island Calls”

  1. Barbara-

    Well said! I speak with hundreds of job seekers every year about working on an island for the summer. So many are driven to work on Block Island after just one visit!

    Your photography is beautiful!

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